India Wayanad Family Eco Lodge

India Wayanad Family Eco Lodge

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Title: India Wayanad Eco Farm Hotel
Year: 2019
Location: India – Wayanad, State of Kerala
Project: GAS Architettura – Arch. Giuseppe Chiodin
Task: Lead Architect – concept and preliminary design

the result

India Wayanad Eco Farm Hotel

The Eco Farm hotel project moves from the concept to create a destination where guests from different cultures and countries meet and exchange information and experiences. This concept  explores the possibilities and options to create a tourism facility centre in the Wayanad district, focusing on a natural and sustainable approach. A farm hotel will be integrated into the existing plantation landscape, providing a wide range of visitors facilities in low-impact and energy-saving buildings.

Existing plantation Guests house will be converted into offices, reception, staff housing building.

New guests facilities will be created around the main pond, including a highly refined shed for yoga and fitness activities and a sundeck.

15 new  bungalows for two pax each, equipped with kitchen and private bathroom.

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